Love and luck______

Someone has told the truth that love is the one after which the search is over. And luck is what he wants and he gets it in life.

Once upon a time, when I was in junior college. By the way, I used to have friends lunch in class all day.But once upon a time, it was cold and mild sunlight was coming out. So why not think that lunch should be done on the terrace in the sun today.I spoke to my friends, but when everyone refused, I went to the terrace alone to have lunch.A small seating was made on the terrace, thought that we would sit on the same lunch.

But when I went there, I saw that a girl was already sitting in a yellow dress weaing a shout.

As soon as I reached him, she also saw me.

Actually, she used to have lunch on that daily. I was the only one, and even then why not, she was senior to me.As a junior, I started returning to Saturn. As soon as I turn back, she gives voice from behind. Hey Hero, if you don’t have Hesitation than you can also do lunch here.

I stopped for some time and then thought let’s sit down with the seniors and also have lunch.And then we both started having lunch. But she was only asking a question on oe question, as if she had not talked with anyone for how long.

Well, in the same way, we started converting quite a lot.And maybe he also seemed to be interested in that, even after bunking the class after lunch, we both kept talking. After some time, when I asked, it was found that she did not hang out with anyone in the class, even with some girls. That is why she used to spend more time in college alone. Since she was very big rude type girl that’s why. But I liked her.

While going in the last, she sas, if you do not find me a boring girl today, then you can come here tomorrow too, to have lunch here, I will also get company. Actually, I had never talked or had lunch with any girl before, so I said, I cannot confirm but i will see.

Then I told my friends. There is one thing in college, you bastard friends, whether you help or not in your studies, but full help in patch up with the girl. The same thing happened the next day. I went again, that Usual was already sitting, the only difference was that te lunch box opened that day after I reached.

Then as soon as I went, she said, hello my new junior friend, how are you, I knew that you’ll come so i was waiting. Then after the hello we both started eating lunch. And were doing a lot of conversions too. Then when lunch was over, we went to our class room. Then we started having lunch together every day. And since there was class off after lunch on Saturday, we would talk till holiday time on that day. Daily we got used to having lunch together. I don’t kow about her, but I became a habit To talk to her daily. If I do not see her someday or even if I do not talk for a while, then I did not feel like it. Most of the time i kept thinking about her. She started liking me slowly, And me too. I don’t know about her but I probably fell in love with her. There was a sudden break of 5-6 days in college. I did not feel like it again. Neither met her nor was able to talk to her. Did not feel like doing anything, nor was able to study. Only used to think about her Then one night the sleep was not coming, then sitting in a chair in the balcony of the house and sat listening to the song, think some relax will be available. But some relaxation was not available. It was like a restlessness. Then suddenly thought why not search on Facebook. Then I started searching for her on Facebook. After searching a lot, she was found on Facebook. I sent her a friend request. Thought she would accept after some time, but the whole night was spent in waiting. But she did not accept My restlessness increased even more. When the college opened after 2 days, I went to college again. That day I had gone to the terrace before her. She also came when lunch was done. Hi, Hello! After that I said directly to her that I had sent a request to you on Facebook. But you have not yet accepted the request. He said, I was looking but I got angry when you sent me the request on Facebook, you could have asked for the number in advance. We have met so many days, we talk for a long time but still, Yu could have asked for my number if you wanted but the attitude showed why I should ask for the number first. Then we exchanged the same time number. Then we went to the campus. Within 4 to 5 days, we felt that after how many days we met, Due to this, we again bunk class that day and sat in the college garden and talked for a long time. Now it was normal for us to bunk class after lunch. Then I proposed Sunday to go somewhere outside. He also said yes without taking time. But she will dispose in the biddng place, I also said ok no problem.

Bid I will message you WhatsApp in the night that we will roam. Then those 12 night messages, the hero is asleep or awake now. I too was waiting for the same message. I also replying without taking time, yes, I am still awake, Your message was awaited.

Ok so what, Speaking like this, she said, OK listen, I was saying that on Sunday’s plan to move, If you do not mind, then we will go on the banks of the Ganges!! (The place on the side of the river Ganges was made for  walk around Nit Ghat.) So I also say, yes it is ok, Sunday, we have a plan to visit. He also said yes. Then we kept talking even more throughout the night. Then we met on Sunday at about 4 o’clock in the evening at the NIT more. I still remember very well, what she looked like wearing pink color T-shirt and black colored jeans, sandals with heels. Wow so beautiful!!   I just kept looking at her for a while. Then I also commented on her beauty, hey Ale (I had entered his nick name, by the way his name isAlka). Oh dear, don’t come in such a beautiful way, do not come with me, otherwise sometimes I will run away, then don’t tell me anything. She also smiled and said good Romeo, now we go! Then she started to hold my right hand with her left hand. God swear, that was the best moment of my life so far, I felt different. I even asked him jokingly. Is it the hand of friendship or …… something else ……

She smilingly said don’t take too much and enjoy the beautiful view. We were sitting on the banks of the Gangs river, talking with the hand of maize. That day she was sharing her secret with me. I loved seeing that she was so confident that she is sharing her secretions. Then he jokingly asked me, you had a girlfriend ?? I said laughing, so far no one thought me worthy of it, but now I think maybe….. By the way leave it.

She started laughing. Then we talked a lot about career, dreams, likes, dislikes, etc. To be honest, the best feeling moment in the world was felt at that time. Then we started meeting this knd of Sunday sometimes. Then we made a plan to go to the park. Although we had roamed the park, but on that day I wanted to become a special Sunday. I ordered a nice gift from Lovebeet online gift store. That first Sunday of December was going to be special for me. And why not!! I was going to propose to him. Yes, I was going to propose her that day. When did we meet very early for that exquisite examination. We met in the park, enjoyed the lot. Shortly before leaving the park I told her._____ Ale I wan to say you something.

She said,hey rocky you can tell me. Then I did a little film style, I sat down, held her one hand and expressed my love.

Ale…. I wanna spend my all time with you my whole life.

I will give my best in your life.

Like others, I will not say that I will give my life for you because I have so many loving moments to spend with you right now.

I will give you the whole happiness as much as possible from me.

           I LOVE YOU Ale.

Whatever I had to say, I told her that. She too kept litening silently without saying anything and left me alone without speaking anything from my side. After some time I also came back to my room. Her going away like this was making me restless. Kept thinking through the night, Did I make any mistake, what would she feel, what would she be thinking, This is what everyone kept thinking.

After thinking all this, I could not sleep the whole night. At that time, I was missing that poetry of Ghazni movie.-________

Bas ab ek haan ke intezaar me raat yunhi guzar jaayegi,

Ab toh bas uljhan hai saath mere neend kahan aayegi,

Subah ki kiran na jaane konsa sandesh laayegi,

Rimjhim si gungunayegi ya pyaas adhuri reh jaayegi!

Then went to college on As Usual in Morning. But today I did not go to the terrace to have lunch. Actually, the mind was trying not to dare to go. But she was coming and was waiting for me, but when I did not go, she sent the message, Where are you, how long have I been waiting for you. Come soon otherwise I will never talk to you again. Then i went. As soon as I go to her, I saysorry to her for doing such an act in the park. Before that, he sudden kissed me hard French lip-to-lip kiss. I could not understand anything. That was amazing and unexpectable moment. Then she spoke softly in a sweet voice while hugging me__ By the way, the style of your proposal was definitely filmy,But i liked it. In fact, I also fallen in love with you. I love you rocky.

There was no place for my happiness. Then slowly the love started growing in both of us. And since she was senor than me, after he exam she left the college. Then both of us decided why neither of us should remain in the living relationship. After a lot of difficulty, we both started living together after finding a nice flat. He then dropped one year for degree course and she said we will do graduation graduation together. Then we did our graduation together. Then we told our parents about our relationship. In starting, parents were not agreeing but later agreed because of we were same Caste. Then after graduation, I opened my own oaching center and she also wanted to work for a few days. I also said yes ok. Then when my coaching center started running properly, she left the job.  And then after some times

After all in the last, we both got married, and we are living a good happy family life.

          I LOVE YOU ALE

I am very happy with Dear God that God has given me with whom I wanted.

Thanks Dear God.

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